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Posted by Ladycat13 on February 18, 2016 at 23:16:42:

Russian Legends - Pristine Set Of 12

For Sale:

I have for sale the complete set of Russian Legends plates along with all documentation and original packaging. Unfortunately, I have never been able to display them and I would like them to go somewhere they can be appreciated. Ruslan & Ludmilla (#554) 60-V25-1.1, The Princess & the Seven Bogatyrs (#861414) 60-V25-1.2, The Golden Cockrel (#536E) 60-V25-1.3, Lukomorya (#20H?) 60-V25-1.4, The Fisherman & the Magic Fish (#2602) 60-V25-1.5, Tsar Saltan (#8137 5?) 60-V25-1.6, The Priest & His Servant Balda (#B9881) 60-V25-1.7, The Stone Flower (#5510 b?) 60-V25-1.8, Sadko (#9066B) 60-V25-1.9, The Twelve Months (#A7316) 60-V25-1.10, Silver Hoof (#A8693) 60-V25-1.11, Morozko (#8922A) 60-V25-1.12 I have listed the serial numbers for each, but some of them contain what appear to be symbols (or maybe cursive letters?) so I have put a question mark by them. I will be happy to e-mail photos to interested people. Most of these plates issued for $38.76; the last one (Morozko) was $40.76...and I still have some of the original receipts. I would be willing to let them go for their issue price. I have seen them go for much higher on collector websites and much lower on eBay.

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