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Bradford Exchange Plates For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS the Bradford Exchange Norman Rockwell Plates09/03/18
  the Bradford Exchange Norman Rockwell Plates
In original boxes; perfect condition. Set of 12. (Buyer is responsible for shipping from zip code 85118) 1977 "The T ...

FS Collector Plates07/10/18
  Collector Plates
I have 40 collector plates for sale. Mostly Rockwell. Some series. All in perfect shape, in original boxes and with ce ...

FS Aloha From Hawaii07/22/16
  Aloha From Hawaii
Third issue in the Elvis Presley: In Performance collection. By Bruce Emmett for Delphi Bradex # 84-D 19-9.3. Ringe ...

FS Russian Legends - Pristine Set Of 1202/18/16
  Russian Legends - Pristine Set Of 12
I have for sale the complete set of Russian Legends plates along with all documentation and original packaging. Unfortu ...

FS "Sisters Share a Special Warmth"01/03/16
  "Sisters Share a Special Warmth"
First issue in Seasons Of Sharing: Sisters For Life collection. Plate #11938C. Perfect condition. $50. ...

FS 11 Calendar Plates By Sarah Stilwell Weber01/21/17
   11 Calendar Plates By Sarah Stilwell Weber
11 of the 12 Calendar 7" Plates by Sarah Stilwell Weber. August is missing. All others are in mint condition and in or ...

FS Norman Rockwell 8 1/2" Plates #14651I and 16976D01/21/17
   Norman Rockwell  8 1/2" Plates #14651I and 16976D
Two Beautiful, in MINT Condotion plates with COA. "A Youmg Girl's Dream" and "A Couple's Commitment". In pro gimbal box ...

FS Kaiser Porcelain 75" Complete Set Of 6 Classic Fai01/21/17
    Kaiser Porcelain 75" Complete Set Of 6 Classic Fai
Beautiful set, mint condition and in original boxes are 6 Classic Fairy Tale Plates by Kaiser Genuine Porcelain. ...

FS 7 Reco Intl. By John McClelland Mother Goose01/21/17
   7 Reco Intl. By John McClelland Mother Goose
There is no Little Boy Blue Plate included. I have included Jack and Jill plus Mary Had a Little Lamb. There are 7 ...

FS 10 Rockwell Heritage Collection Plates 01/21/17
   10 Rockwell Heritage Collection Plates
All plates are in mint condition and in original boxes with COA included. Each is numbered. ...

FS 13 Christmas Plates By Norman Rockwell01/21/17
    13 Christmas Plates By Norman Rockwell
I have the 12 Plates shown in photo plus 1986. All are in mint condition and in original boxes except for 1975 and 1976 ...

FS Pintail Duck Plate01/21/17
   Pintail Duck Plate
22cm.dia. 1986 Plate no 2529H Limited edition by Bart Jerner.1st. Issue in living with Nature. Jerners ducks.Sposored e ...

FS Le Porcellane Fontana Dei Medici01/20/17
   Le Porcellane Fontana Dei Medici
Subject: Women Of Puccini Boxed With Literature Simply B E A U T I F U L ...

Bradford Exchange Plates Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Michigan (Wolverines Football) Calendar 200101/13/20
Looking to replace a broken plate from this collection, it was the August plate. The January plate in this collection has a Bradex number of 84-B11-986.1 Unknown if there is a sequence of numbers in this collection to identify the August plate's Bradex number? Collection was a gift to a die hard Michigan fan which was damaged beyond repair in 2014. Several people are on a search and rescue mission, lol. Thank you!

WTB Glorious Ascent 3rd Issue09/08/19
I'm looking for the 3rd edition of Glorious Ascent,On the Wing, by Tommy Humphrey. Bradex #84-G20_85.3,Plate #9542A

WTB Friends Forever Cats05/20/19
Looking for cuddle buddies #5 in the series and #6 plate unsure of name. The series is from 2003

WTB Small Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Legends12/24/18
I am looking for the small Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Legends plate.

Looking for plate #12 (Story Time) in the Litter Rascals collection by Jurgen Scholz

WTB Wizard Of OZ 07/25/18
Complete series. In original boxes and have certificates of authenticity. Will sell set for $125

WTB Want To Buy07/10/18
Want to buy plate by Sandra Kuck's Heavenly Seasons. I want the Summer plate

WTB Mary Mary Plate From Nursery Rhyme Series04/27/18
We have all plates in the nursery rhyme plate series but want the Mary Mary plate

WTB Need Spare Money11/14/17
1159 cookshill rd lot 31

WTB the Great Powerful Oz06/25/17
Wizard of Oz collector plates with certificate of authentisty.

WTB Tiny Blessings10/26/16
I want to buy the Little One's Wonder plate from the Tiny Blessing series by Donna Brooks.

WTB Flowers Of the Canadian Provinces04/22/16
Looking for the second plate in the limited edition series, "British Columbia Pacific Dogwood"

WTB Tiles For Rockwell Perpetual Calendar01/03/16
I have the Bradford Exchange Rockwell Perpetual calendar and I have a BIG family with lots of January Birthdays ! I am looking for someone who has just tiles to sell. i need just BD tiles but am willing to buy others to get them.

WTB Sweet Intentions/Nature's Tenderness By Lee Cable11/22/15
Plate #925A, Sweet Intentions by Lee Cable. Need to complete set

WTB Mystic Spirit #7 Silent Night By Vivi Crandall11/05/15
I am looking for this particular plate. I see it on e-bay but for more than I paid for it. Looking for a better bargain.

WTB Looking For Rainbow Reef Piece10/24/15
Looking to buy a plate from the Rainbow Reef Series. Particularly the piece called "Gentle Giants" by Christian Reise Larsan

WTB Bradford Exchange Round Black Lacquer/gold Trim Plate Frame08/28/15
In the 1990's Bradford exchange sold these frames to go with the Russian Jewels of the Golden Ring plate series. Would anyone have one for sale? Thank you!!!!

WTB Iris Quartet 4560B 199108/03/15
Iris Quartet 4560B by Lena Liu 1st issue in the Symphony of Shimmering Beauty series Number 84-G 20-51.1

WTB Seasons Of the Tiger: a Master's Collection07/10/15
On the Prowl by Carl Brenders Replacement sought for broken plate

WTB Tribute To a Legend04/08/15
i am looking for the third plate in the johnny cash series call "A American Legend"

WTB Mini-plate Replacements11/17/14
I am looking for the eleventh and twelfth issue plates in the Thomas Kinkade Enchanted Seasons mini-plate collection.

WTB Wanted10/05/14
limited edition 'new discoveries' by pam cooper, in the my special friend, bradex number 26-C58-22.1 bone china coalport puppy and kitten with kittens paw over dogs paw, roses background and butterflies at bottom,

WTB Someone Must Know09/25/14
I am looking for the special long thin plastic plate hangers for the princess Diana oval plates. Bradford Ex said that the company that made them has closed down. Can anyone tell me where I can get these from. I am always on the look out for Princess Diana plates, as I am having to pay though the nose buying the missing plates from the USA. People in the UK don't seem to have them or there is just none in the UK for sale.

WTB Autumn's Splendor Plate By Terri Isaac09/11/14
mine broke and broke my heart, want to complete my collection

WTB WTB Reflections Of Courage Plate COA07/30/14
Looking for the COA for the plate reflections of courage. It was part of the 12 plate series remembering the vietnam war

WTB Looking For "Gift From Heaven" Series Plates06/09/14
Looking for "here's the church" or any other from this series.

WTB Beauties Of the Red Mansion Series- Geishas05/16/14
Beauties of the Red Mansion Series: Li-wan,Yin Chun,Tai Yu,Tan Chun,Ko Ching,Hsiang Yun. All for sale

WTB August M.J. Hummel Seasons Of Joy Plate03/16/14
I have broke the August plate to this series. I would love to replace.


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